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Collaboration and Education

It's great to see our teams kick off their projects. Make sure you keep in touch as our projects list grows.
Discover more about what is going on in our community below and get in touch to stay up to date regarding our latest efforts.

Community Involvement

We see our members lending a helping hand to others in our area.
The Point Nepean Men's Shed is already supporting a variety of community activities and school projects.
Our membership is growing which means we can help even more, in different ways.

Sharing and developing our Knowledge

There is a lot of experience amongst the group. There is also a lot of support for sharing those tips with you.
The Point Nepean Men's Shed provides opportunities for our members to share their knowledge and to gain new ideas from other members.
Lots to learn from our members.


We have a place to learn some new skills and refresh some old ideas.
There are some helpful "tutors" amongst us!! 
The Point Nepean Men's Shed will be looking to introduce new projects, activities and challenges for all our members.


Garden Update

Sorrento Primary School

We are back at school!! This time to complete the restoration of the sleeper walls around the garden.
All hands on deck to remove the old ones and prepare to insert a lot of new timber.
The end result looking great and ready for the parents group to move in with planting.


Whisper Phones

St Josephs Sorrento

We were asked if we could help create "Whisper Phones" to assist with reading confidence amongst the primary school students.

It does look like a variation on the old tin cans and a piece of string!!

But they work! Whisper quietly into the unit and your voice is amplified.

200 ordered in varying sizes to suit the size of the students!!

The students have the pleasure of personalising their device.


Bicycle Maintenance and Restoration

Rye Primary School

James Rennie for taking on the project working with the staff at the Rye Primary School, engaging years 5 & 6 students.
What an amazing success for all concerns. The kids were just great and worked along side the Men's Shed volunteers bringing the bikes back to life.
This looks like it will become a regular feature in the School program


Minnow Restoration

Returning 244 back to the BYS

Thank you Warren Dickins for the leading the team in giving the Minnow a new lease of life.
Now back at the Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron to help teach kids to sail.


Sorrento Primary School Amphitheatre

Time to restore the area and surrounding garden beds.

We have taken on the task of restoring the garden area at the rear of the school providing an additional outdoor seating area that has been overlooked for some time.

The old sleepers have to come out and new ones installed.

Some of the other garden beds are getting a makeover as well.

12 members were on-site for the 1st round of the work.


Refurbishing ready for Retail

Clearing out and repainting the former NAB building in Sorrento

The team were called in to repaint the walls and windows inside the NAB building in Sorrento. Cape Merchants had taken up a lease but needed a serious refresh of the inside of the building.

Always time for a bit of light hearted entertainment as the President and Secretary worked n the Vault. 


Pencil Cases

Construction Complete, Personalisation Complete.

One happy customer 

The pencil cases came up a real treat. Now getting them ready to wrap. The children are going to love this whole concept. A great success and many thanks to the Men's Shed.


This time helping to install the pagola

Helping out at the Blairgowrie Community Garden

All hands on deck to put a serious number of posts into the ground and secure them.
Next step to add the overhead frame - thats another day !!
Now lets have a cuppa!!


Restoring the Diggers

Taking 2 very broken Diggers and bringing them back to life.

And what a difference they make.

Fabulous job of repairing and restoring to look brand new.

The kids just love them. A huge hit in the sandpit.


Refresh the back area at Sorrento Primary School

Supporting the Parent Group in clearing the back garden and seating areas.

First stage to clear out all the weeds and grass then lay some decent mulch.
What a difference a day makes and it's ready for the kids to join in the planting.
Great work Iris and her team.


Beach Clean Boards

Rye Community House has completed the setup

A trial of the Boards will commence after the school holidays.
Boards and pickup bins have been decorated with designs from Josie Jones.
Great to have been part of the project to help keep the Rye Bay Beaches free of litter.


Potting Tables Delivered

Sorrento Primary School has taken delivery of the full set.

The staff and parents have been greatly impressed on how the garden has changed withe delivery of the tables.
Not all tables ended up in the veggie garden. 3 have been set aside for outdoor classes and meeting area.
I had the great pleasure of seeing other uses - climbing frames and steeple chase jumps. Boys will be boys!!!


Potting Tables for the School

Sorrento Primary School have placed their order

We were asked to build a number of potting tables from timber supplied by the school.
Plenty of help on hand to work through this order.


Planter Boxes for the School

Sorrento Primary School have placed their order

We were asked to build another 4 multi-level planters for the school.
A 5th one found its way to the Rye Community House.


Building a new Deck

Working hard at Portsea Golf Club

The Golf Club continues to offer maintenance work of a great variety.
Thank you John S and Rob K for completing the new deck.


Restoring Benches

Destined for poolside at Sorrento Primary School

We took delivery of 2 old benches from the local police station and have restored and updated them. Just waiting on the schools to come back to deliver the benches to their new home poolside.


Construction - no problem

Weeroona Street, Rye

We received a call from Bunnings to help at the property in building to BBQ kits and finishing off the play gym for the McAuley Community Services group. The guys got hold of the plans and away they went. Shame we are a little bit over the weight limit for a play!!


Gardening? Yes, we can do that

Weeroona Street, Rye

We received a call to help at the property and noticed a sad garden bed that needed a little refresh. Great to have Bunnings along to supply the plants.


Leadlighters in Action

The guys at work constructing outdoor lanterns

Under the watchful eyes of Michael Watts, Graeme, Greg and Paddy are working with leadlight for small garden lanterns. Needs some precise cutting of the glass and the construction of the framing.


Veggie Boxes Installed

Another successful project involving the Men's Shed and the local Primary Schools

A big delivery day last Tuesday, a great turn out of our VB Boys and other PNMS members to deliver the finished product to St Joseph's. Lots of Smiles and photographs from school and surrounding area people all very impressed with the design and build quality. 
From my perspective as PNMS project Coordinator, I would like to extend a Big Big thank you to the VB Core team a great result done with Passion & Mateship and very much appreciate your input, suggestions and commitment to complete.


Sorrento Community Centre Holiday School Program

Inviting the kids to come and enjoy working with wood and paint

We were making pencil holders and giving them a new coat of paint. 

It did feel like the kids had more paint on them that the pencil holders!! Good stuff this acrylic paint - it all washed off very easily!!

The pickets were taken away and cartoon character heads crafted at the top. A quick paint and we should soon see these displayed at the Sorrento early learning Centre.


Blairgowrie Community Garden

Throwing in some builders and gardeners to help create the garden

March 17th is their grand opening and still planter boxes to be built, soil to be moved and the garden beds mulched.

Thanks Guys for dropping by pputtingin those hours and we are already seeing the difference to those poor old tennis courts!!


Billy Kart Derby

We have the kits, let's build!!

March 16th is coming around fast!! 

Time to work on a few Karts for the kids.

Thanks Guys for dropping by the Shed and getting a few made up.

Need a suitable driver for a road test next week!!


Sorrento Primary School Bell Restoration

We were approached to see if the Men's Shed could take on a restore and installation of the old school bell. The bell had been taken down many years ago and forgotten. 

Local community groups were getting very excited with the local Historical Society very keen to be kept in the loop, as several of their members remember the bell being rung daily. 

The project was completed and the bell handed over for the first official ring of the bell on Monday, 10th December 2018.

The school has introduced a new tradition for the Bell. At the year-end assembly, all departing students will ring the bell to officially "end" their stay at the school.

This is the 1st of many such departure ceremonies in the years to come.


Boat Restorations

We were approached to see if the Men's Shed members could take on a refurbishment of a yacht!!

Never afraid of a challenge, the yacht went straight to the Shed for a full makeover.

Due to the lack of immediate working space, the refreshed boat was put on offer, which came within one day!!

The sailing "experts" never got the chance to plan out the potential restoration.


Insect Hotels

We created 5 A3 sized "Insect Hotels" for the St. Joseph's Primary School in Sorrento, as part of their sustainability program. The units are constructed from non-treated timber, with the children adding natural material in each of the rooms.

"Prototypes" had been made from small crates that were destined to be firewood and now residing at the Sorrento Primary School, the Sorrento Early Learning Centre and one in an English country garden.​

These "hotels" appear to be much in demand. 3 of the A3 models have found their way to the Rye Community House garden renovation.


Friends of the Hooded Plover

Providing shelters on our beaches for the chicks this season

With this initiative, our goal is to help source and build simple shelters to be placed over the nesting sites. This added protection to very vulnerable nesting sites may just see an increase in the number coming through the nesting period.


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